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Surge Protection

Power surges occur when an increase of voltage surpasses the standard designated flow of electricity. When this happens, the wiring can overheat and begin to burn. This is most common in equipment that are sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Computers, microwaves, stereo systems, and televisions are susceptible to power surges and protection is recommended.
You may think your home is just naturally protected from power surges, but often, toggling the power on any large appliances can cause a surge. Other causes of power surges include power outages, down power lines, and faulty wiring. If you haven’t installed a surge protection system next to your electric panel, the time to do it is now. Between natural disasters, storms, surge protection is a worthy investment.
Remedy Electric offers surge protection for the whole home and specific areas. We most adamantly recommend whole home protection, as it is the best way to ensure overall safety from power surges. If you’re using simple surge suppressors or not protecting your home from power surges at all,

                                                             A surge protector is not the same thing as a power strip!

Common reasons for power surges in the home are:
Lightening strike of a power line (occurring less than a mile from your home)
Power lines that have been downed
Local industrial electrical demands
On/off cycling of home appliances such as refrigerators and HVAC

Keep your home or commercial space protected with help from the Remedy Electric .our electricians  can provide you with voltage surge protection so that your valuable electronics and equipment aren't compromised during a storm or electrical surge. We offer a wide range of different products that can suit your particular needs.
                   WE CAN REMEDY THAT
Electrical surges can wreak  computers,TV's , and anything else that requires a constant flow of electricity. Even small surges can affect the safety and operation of products. We can provide you with surge protectors that will work with your electrical needs. Whether you're searching for smaller units to keep household electronics safe or planning a large-scale project for protecting heavy-duty equipment, we can get the job done.

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