Aluminum Wiring Safety in Your Home

Aluminum Wiring Electrical Work

              Copper Wiring
            Aluminum Wiring
 High electrical conductivity
Uses a small gauge (thickness) wire to conduct equal electricity.
Strong enough to withstand installation, doesn’t nick or break easily
Not as affected by the heating and cooling that occurs during electrical currents passing.
Wires stay in place over time.
Rusted copper wire rusting still conducts electricity, so wiring is not affected.
Moderate electrical conductivity
Uses a larger gauge (thickness) wire to conduct equal electricity.
More delicate, easily damaged during installation.
Heating and cooling that occurs during passage of electrical currents creates creeping.
Wires move out of place over time, causing loose connections.
Rusted aluminum wire affects electric conductivity, so wiring works harder and becomes hot.

                                                        Warning Signs
There are some subtle signs that aluminum wiring may be putting your home at risk. Please call Remedy Electric immediately if you notice any of the following signs

* Flickering lights.
* Wire Insulation that is worn or burnt.
* Switches or receptacles with warm plate covers.
* Plugs falling out of outlets.
* Sparking near outlets.
* Higher electrical bills that are not tied to other events, like holidays or changes in weather.
* Loose connections anywhere.
                                          Aluminum Wiring Solutions
Aluminum wiring repair doesn’t have to mean re-wiring your whole house. The answer is often a few simple fixes at the problem site. Our trained and licensed electrician's at Remedy Electric is ready to help you. Some of our aluminum wiring services include
* Replacing aluminum wiring receptacles.
* Performing Aluminum wiring pigtails.
* Repairing gaps or loosened connections.
* Creating safe connections between aluminum wiring and copper wiring.
* Checking connections and panels for proper usage.
* Stop hotspots caused by aluminum wire overheating.
Our Residential Services
* Lighting & Fans
* Recessed Can Lighting
* Security Lighting
* Ceiling Fan Installation
* Inspections & Wiring
* Breaker Box Wiring
* Electrical Inspection
* Electrical Wiring
* Installation of outlets, light switches
* Circuit breaker panel upgrade.
* Troubleshooting electrical issues
* Installation of outlets, light switches, and fixtures
* Dedicated Circuit for Washer/dryer installation.
​​Aluminum Wiring Repairs: Do you have aluminum wire in your home? most of the homes built before 1972 do and need aluminum wiring repairs. One of our most common calls is for repairs on ‘Fix and Flips’. Fix and Flip projects will often (and incorrectly) install new copper-only rated outlets and switches directly to aluminum wiring. These connections will start to break down and need repair.Remedy Electric performs proper splicing installations for Home Owners Indicators of Aluminum Wiring Issues There are a number of electrical red flags that could indicate an aluminum wiring problem. Make sure you call an electrician if you see: Dimming or flickering lights. This is never normal and should always raise a red flag. Discoloring of outlets or switches. Discoloring will generally indicate overheating, which could mean your aluminum wiring is not correctly terminated. Make sure to check all outlets in your home especially outlets behind appliances. Buzzing switches. Buzzing (or arcing) should always be a concern. Hot or warm switch plates. When installed and functioning properly, your light switches or plates should never feel noticeably warm. If so, they’re pulling too much heat, this should always be a cause for concern. Aluminum Wiring Repair in Austin and surrounding area Aluminum Wire Pigtailing AlumiConn Lug Installation Aluminum Wiring Repair Aluminum Wiring Panel Maintenance Home Rewiring to Copper 512-250-5414

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