Why Choose Remedy Electric for Your Electrical Outlet Repair Needs?

We can help you with any electrical service needed.

 Outlet Repair & Replacement Services
No matter what kind of issue you have with your electrical outlets, the Remedy team can handle it quickly and cost-effectively. Maybe your home or business has old, dated outlets, such as two-prong (ungrounded) outlets. Maybe you had a power surge and aren't sure if you can trust your outlets anymore. If you're wary of using any of your outlets, for any reason, give us a call. We'll look at your electrical wiring and outlets, figure out where your problems are, and then fix everything fast. You just won't find a better combination of quality, speed, value, and service anywhere in our area.
 We Install Electrical Outlets
Receptacles are a direct access point to power, so it’s crucial that you install electrical outlets properly and safely. Our certified electrician can help replace old outlets or install new ones for home upgrades or dedicated circuits.
 Old, faulty, or outdated outlets
As an electrician company that specializes in electrical service and outlet repair, our focus is to pinpoint where the fault or issue lies. Remedy Electric wants to keep your home safe while providing prompt, efficient electrical services
        We Install GFCI Outlets
Installing GFCI electrical outlets is an easy and cost-effective way to increase the safety of your home. GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupter) are sensitive and specifically designed to prevent shocks.
GFCI outlets can be installed everywhere but should be installed where water is in relatively close proximity to the outlet such as:
Outdoor outlets
Remedy Electric can install GFCI outlets for you, dramatically increasing the safety of your home and protecting you and your family.